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F: She Likes Puzzles

(10 August 1997)

Besides introducing me to Ubbi Dubbi, Zoom (see also column u) provided a game called "Who is Fannee Doolee?" The cast members would say things like "Fannee Doolee. She likes doors but she hates windows." The idea was to find out why Fannee Doolee liked some things but hated other similar things. For instance, these statements are true of the original Fannee Doolee:

(If you don't get it, you can go read the answer now.)

The game is apparently not original to the show; Wendy Cope, one of my favorite poets, has a fun poem called "Does She Like Word-Games?" in her collection Serious Concerns, which uses exactly the same criterion as Fannee Doolee. I don't have permission to reprint the poem, but it's worth reading if you can find it.

Anyway, the Fannee Doolee idea can be extended to other sorts of patterns as well. For instance, Fannee's sister Georgia:

And their brother Hal:

Their Aunt Isabel, a somewhat complicated sort:

(And she doesn't get along with Fannee at all.)

Finally, their cousin Jack likes Anglo-Saxon roots and hates French roots, but he seems to be on vacation at the moment (which is to say, my dictionary is inaccessible).

Jed Hartman <logophilia@kith.org>