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LL: A Fa Fa Better Thing (Answers)

(20 September 1998)

Be a pal, driver; refund Sol's money.
do so la fa re re mi ti fa mi
Do Sol a fare remit if ami.

Very sleepy.
ti re do so ti re do
Tired, o so tired, o.

Sun-worshippers should get angry.
so la do re re mi ti re do so
Sol adorer, emit ire, do so!

Olaf, buddy, your clothing reeks (yet again) of trendiness.
ti re do do re mi ti so fa fa do la fa mi
Tired odor emit is of a fad, Olaf, ami.

I travel a great distance before my friends' birds get big.
so fa re re do do so fa do re do ti so re mi la re fa ti fa re
So far, ere dodos of adored Otis or Emil are fat, I fare.

Jed Hartman <logophilia@kith.org>