About Tohu Bohu

In the beginning, the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. In a word, Tohu-Bohu.

This set of writings of mine will also be without form, and void, and it wouldn't surprise me much if darkness were upon the face up the deep, either. Just so you know.

I'll be writing about philosophy, politics, news, books, baseball, music, the universe as I perceive it, and perhaps my own life on occasion. I suspect it'll be a tohu-bohu, but if I come up with a plan of some kind, I'll post it. For now, I'll be posting things that occur to me as I have the time to write them up.

I'd very much like you to read it, think about what I say, and email me with your disagreements, so that I can learn from your own perceptions of this Tohu-Bohu we live in. I'll try to respond to any email that doesn't try to sell me anything or promise me vast amounts of Nigerian wealth. I reserve the right to respond to an email by calling you a nutbar, though. Even if you are a nutbar, I may respond to your comments in a later post.

Thank you,


Oh, yes, the name. It's not mine; I just borrowed it for a joke in 1986 and never got around to giving it back. I don't plan to give out a ton of personal information, but if anybody reading this thinks it's a good idea to know who I am, just email me, convince me that would be a good idea, and I'll give.