Private report to Count Elias of Oakhold, blah blah blah...

Welcome to the Nineties, Elias.  I assume that the little bastard I gave the disk to didn't actually eat it, or you wouldn't be reading this.  First, take a look at the other file on here.  I scanned in a copy of Sebastian's literary diarrhea before letting it get to its intended recipient, 'cause I thought you might like to see what the other side is reading.   As far as the subject of all this fuss goes...

As usual, the Nob Hill crowd has zero clue.  They got some basics right, like where the guy was born, but that's about it.  This little street-singer is no more Fae than my latest lunch.  I'm the House expert on shapeshifters; that's why you called me in.  I know 'em when I see 'em, and the redhead is very definitely Changing Breed.

He's not, however, any of the wolves you know.  This guy's a fox, in more ways than one.  Kitsune, the Japanese call 'em - werefoxes.  Legends say they're masters of deception.  This one's no different.  The San Fran kithain seem to think he's as harmless and fluffy and cute as a childling Pooka, but let me run down a few particulars for you:

Nobody can figure out what his game is, but I've got a pretty good hunch.  The street-singer dodge gives him a readymade license to be nosy - after all, he's just gathering material for songs, right?  Wrong.  This guy hangs in too many supernatural circles for coincidence.  I think he's reporting back to someone, most likely someone in Japan.  We can bet that it isn't anyone Banality-intensive, since that wouldn't be in Thompson's best interests.  That still leaves a lot of ground.

You might be able to keep this guy close, if you work at it.  I've already shown you he isn't all sweetness and light.  Here are a couple hooks to drag him in:

Oh, and one more thing - that Liam apprentice is showing signs of actual intelligence.  He came closer than anyone to figuring things out.  Watch him.

-- Jonathan Steele, Knight to the Seelie Schmucks and freelance reporter for House Ailil.