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Hugos 2018 stats thoughts: near-misses and big gaps

More notes on the 2018 Hugo stats. This time I’m looking at categories where the gap between the top two items in a category was particularly big or particularly small at various points in the IRV process. (Not listing the ones where the first two swapped places; see previous post for those.) Note: When I […]

Hugos 2018 stats thoughts: IRV vs first-past-the-post

I hope to post more about stats from this year’s Hugo Awards soon. In this first such post, I’m looking only at the cases where Instant Runoff Voting led to a different result than first-past-the-post would have: Related Work: Rather to my surprise, Zoe Quinn’s Gamergate book got the most first-round first-place votes, but the […]

Improving society

Good tweet from KTO: ...we can either find reasons to improve inclusion, or we can make excuses for continuing past exclusion.— Kat Tanaka Okopnik (@KTOkopnik) August 23, 2018 Which reminds me of a recent thing I was thinking about. During the discussion about this year’s Worldcon programming, I had the following series of reactions (in […]