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The giant-coin dream

Yesterday morning’s dream: Kam and I were walking on the Google campus, and we walked past the giant-coin swings. (Which don’t exist in real life.) There was a playground-ish area, and a swingset-like structure, but two of the swings were a giant penny and a giant nickel, both maybe 15 or 20 feet across, both […]

What everyone knows about asteroids

I just read a 1992 piece by Niven and Pournelle, extolling the glories of capitalism, and talking about how awesome Columbus was, and suggesting that if only those evil governments like the US government would stop being so annoyingly anti-capitalistic, people would go to space in order to get rich. (Title of essay: “Where Next, […]

Some notes on the history of temperature scales

Yesterday’s xkcd led me down a Wikipedia rabbit hole about the history of temperature scales. Some particular things that struck me: It hadn’t occurred to me that standardized temperature scales weren’t invented until around 1700, and thus that before that, there were no standardized numerical representations of temperature. Galileo or someone connected to him invented […]