Jed’s So-Called Life

I’m a writer of software documentation and fiction (some would say that’s redundant). I live in Mountain View, California. I have no pets or other interesting things that one might put photos of on a page like this one. I try to keep from letting computers dominate my life, but it’s a losing battle. My best weapons are a few hundred books, an avid interest in movies, and a lot of marvelous friends. Also a bicycle that I don’t ride nearly enough.

I keep a personal blog, where I post every few days, and a words-and-wordplay blog, where I post intermittently at best.

I have two sweeties: I’ve been with Mary Anne since 1997, and with Kam since sometime in the early 2000s.

My interests are eclectic to the point of eccentricity. At least, I like to think so.

Here’s my public key in case you want to send me PGP-encrypted email. Not that anyone ever does. snif.