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Family letters: 1979

We only wrote four letters to George and Helen in 1979, and one of those is one that I already posted: the one that I had labeled as late 1978 turns out to have really been late 1979. This project has continued to be stressful for me. One of the early-1979 letters includes the first […]

Family letters: 1977

And here are all of the 1977 letters: February 22, 1977 A brief thank-you note from Jay for some birthday presents. Also February 22, 1977 A brief thank-you note from Jed for some birthday presents. (My first letter written in cursive!) March 22, 1977 Notes from Peter and Marcy in anticipation of George and Helen […]

Family letters: January–February 1974

This week in my family history project: Life updates and thank-yous, and a piece of kid art. January 22, 1974 Peter to George: “I’d very much enjoy listening to a tape of some of your [organ] repertoire; no matter what style you played, to me it would always be ‘pop music.’” …and other assorted notes […]

Family letters: Fall-ish 1973

This week in my family history project: Several undated “letters” that consist mostly of art by me and Jay with accompanying descriptions of what the art is intended to portray. …I’ve also now updated my meta entry from last week, because I realized that I left out an entire address! I think this six-month gap […]

Family letters: mid-1973

This week in my family history project: Peter is unhappy about his work situation. Notes about what Jay and I want to be when we grow up and how Marcy’s garden is going. We suddenly shift course and start a foster home. April 16, 1973 In which Peter is unhappy about his work situation. “even […]

Family letters: August, 1971

I’m posting four cards and letters this week instead of the usual three; this week covers the rest of our family’s 1971 trip to Philadelphia to see my mother’s mother. It also features the first two letters “from” me—at least one of them includes at least one direct quote from me, but I’m otherwise uncertain […]

Family letters: early 1971

Letters from both of my parents, from late 1970 and early 1971, about what the family had been up to, and about Christmas and materialism and such. November and December, 1970 In which Marcy writes about the war in Vietnam, the materialism of Christmas, and the importance of staying connected with family. Also includes unusually […]

Thirteen years

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the day my father was killed. A lot of years, I get tense and irritable in the couple of weeks leading up to the anniversary. This year, I’ve been pretty much fine. A little sad, and a little scattered (have had a hard time focusing and a hard time […]