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Family letters: August, 1971

I’m posting four cards and letters this week instead of the usual three; this week covers the rest of our family’s 1971 trip to Philadelphia to see my mother’s mother. It also features the first two letters “from” me—at least one of them includes at least one direct quote from me, but I’m otherwise uncertain […]

Family letters: early 1971

Letters from both of my parents, from late 1970 and early 1971, about what the family had been up to, and about Christmas and materialism and such. November and December, 1970 In which Marcy writes about the war in Vietnam, the materialism of Christmas, and the importance of staying connected with family. Also includes unusually […]

Thirteen years

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the day my father was killed. A lot of years, I get tense and irritable in the couple of weeks leading up to the anniversary. This year, I’ve been pretty much fine. A little sad, and a little scattered (have had a hard time focusing and a hard time […]