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Family letters: 1980

Here are five letters and cards from 1980, the last year of Marcy’s life, plus a couple of non-letter items. January 7, 1980 General life update from Peter. “we now have [a] really nice [housemate]: Ed, who’s an ex-Alaskan ex-helicopter mechanic, now going to massage school & Stanford pre-medical classes” February 14, 1980 A valentine […]

Family letters: 1978

And all of the 1978 letters, which is everything that I’ve posted so far. This batch includes our move to Palo Alto! May 31, 1978 Marcy writes on a bunch of different topics, including how Jay and Jed are doing, car troubles, considering moving, Proposition 13, Peter’s job, Marcy’s illness, the impending birth of a […]

Family letters: October–December 1976

I’ve fallen way behind again on linking from here to old family letters. Here are the letters from the rest of 1976: October 12, 1976 A brief update from Marcy. “hoping you’re all survived from your multitudinous surgeries, Grandpa, and thoroughly enjoying your leisure.” October 27, 1976 A postcard from Peter, wishing George and Helen […]

Family letters: August–November 1974

I’ve fallen a couple of weeks behind in posting links to family-history letters. So here’s a catchup post. Things I’ve posted in the past couple weeks include a set of daily what-I’m-grateful-for lists from Marcy, a recipe, some pages from my childhood journal (which I used mostly for practicing writing words), a couple of notes […]

Family letters: May–August 1974

This week in my family history project: A letter from Peter preparing for a visit from his parents; a placeholder postcard from Marcy; a note from me to say that two of the foster kids had bullied me once; and a pair of letters from Marcy giving updates on all sorts of topics—the foster kids, […]

Family letters: April–May 1974

This week in my family history project: Three brief notes from me, hand-written in large shaky block capitals. Also a long letter from Peter that consists largely of an extended quote from the I Ching. April, 1974 In which I (having just turned 6) like Star Trek, and I have four foster brothers. Also: “I […]

Family letters: Spring 1973

This week in my family history project: pinworms, Pinocchio, and puppet shows. Also, explanation of a drawing by me, discussion of what I was reading and Jay’s latest interests, some gardening thoughts, and a detailed discussion of Peter’s drama-filled salary negotiations. March 25, 1973 Peter sends a postcard to let George and Helen know that […]

Family letters: Fall 1972, part 2

This week in my family history project: two brief postcards, and one longish letter. Also, moving to a new city. (All from fall of 1972.) September 15, 1972 Marcy explains why she was “running around the house yelling Money Money while [Peter] was on the phone.” September 27, 1972 A thank-you note for some napkins, […]

Family letters: Fall 1972, part 1

This week in my family history project: some items that aren’t exactly letters, plus one letter. All from mid- to late-1972 (I think). June 23, 1972 A postcard that just has my name written on it. (Written by me, age 4+.) Fall-ish, 1972 Peter’s list of his suggestions for names for “the house where i […]