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Family letters: Summer 1972

This week in my family history project: a letter from me and two from Marcy, all from mid-1972 (I think). May-ish, 1972 In which balloon stationery makes me think of The Red Balloon. June 2, 1972 In which everyone is very busy in the run-up to Peter’s graduation from Berkeley. “ARGH. So much is happening.” […]

Family letters: Spring 1972

This week in my family history project: three letters from my mother and one probably dictated by me. Mostly written in spring 1972. March 7, 1971 A birthday note to George. “a friend says my handwriting is quite pretty—too bad she can’t read it” I had thought that this one was from 1972, which is […]

Family letters: early 1972

This week in my family history project: three brief letters, two from my mother and one from me, written in early 1972. January 26, 1972 A brief placeholder postcard about an unsent letter. January 30, 1972 Assorted life updates, including thoughts about Jed and stuffed animals. “sometimes [your presents] sit around for a year or […]

Family letters: late 1971

Apparently these family-letters posts are all I’m using my blog for these days. Some day I’ll get back to posting other things too. This week in my family history project: A letter from my father (about birthday presents and parapsychology), a letter from my mother (about Marmite and winter clothes), and a postcard “from” me […]

Family letters: mid-1971

This week in my family history project: A letter and two postcards from mid-1971. The letter is a Mother’s Day thank-you letter; the postcards were from a trip to see Marcy’s mother in Philadelphia. mid-May, 1971 A Mother’s-Day thank you, a couple of poems, and an update on Jay’s weaning status. “How can a respectful […]

Family letters: late 1970

Thank-you letters from my parents to various people, plus assorted updates about education and business and money and us kids, plus some odd what-appears-to-be-sniping at George and Helen that I don’t have context for. August 2, 1970 In which Marcy thanks a cousin of Helen’s for a gift of Canadian money. And then tells her […]

Family letters: mid-1970

A brief letter and two postcards from my mother, with assorted quick news and thank-yous. March 29, 1970 In which Marcy sends photos of Jay, and some thank-yous, and assorted other news. “Jed was absolutely delighted with the card – he just latched on to it & kept holding it & we had to read […]

Family letters: early 1970

Including the first announcement of my brother’s birth! January 26, 1970 In which Marcy asks for baby clothes and advice about using a wringer washer, and writes about food, and rehabilitation, and sundry other things. “How is it that we never have any time? If wishes were horses, if turnips were watches, if sitting down […]

Family letters: late 1969

I don’t seem to be posting anything other than family letters here lately. September 23, 1969 (postcard) In which we move again. “[Jed is] fully weaned & very happy, got his own trike this weekend, but can’t quite reach the pedals yet.” December 29, 1969 In which Peter is really interested in the idea of […]