[...] he was scarred, the skin twisted and pulled as if in fright. Or caught in a powerful wind; although [...] there was a dead, waxy gleam to the white skin that made it look wrong, frozen in its peculiar tourbillons.

--On, by Adam Roberts, p. 116 of the 2002 Gollancz paperback edition

A tourbillon (or tourbillion) is a whirlwind or vortex; it's related to "turbine."

According to MW11, "tourbillion" is pronounced American-style, /tUr 'bIl j@n/, while "tourbillon" is pronounced French-style, /tur bi jo~/. (Yes, I'm trying yet again to make you learn ASCII IPA, though it turns out these days there are multiple ASCII IPA systems, and Unicode is a lot better supported so I could just use real IPA characters.)