It's possible I've seen this word before, but it's a funny word, so I'll post it anyway.

It turns out that the word "flock" can be a synonym for "floc." Which I don't think I've encountered before. And "floc" is short for "floccule," which I'm almost certain I've never encountered before.

And "floc" / "floccule" is defined as:

"a flocculent mass."

"Flocculent." It sounds vaguely obscene, and vaguely absurd. I like it a lot better than that Simpsons word with a vaguely similar sound, "cromulent." (Yes, yes, everyone get it out of your system by saying it in unison: "It's a perfectly cromulent word!" Now can we move on?)

Sadly, "flocculent" turns out to have a more mundane meaning than it sounds like it should have. MW11 says it means:

1: resembling wool especially in loose fluffy organization

2: [taking] the form of loosely aggregated particles or soft flakes

Between the loose fluffy organization, the loosely aggregated particles, and the soft flakes, it sounds a lot like my blogs. Perhaps I'll adopt "flocculent" as this blog's official adjective. Kind of like having a state bird.