Scientific American reports on a new fossil that bridges the gap between fish and four-limbed land creatures. It's thought to have lived primarily in shallow streams.

The creature has been named Tiktaalik roseae. The article notes:

"Tiktaalik" is the local Inuktikuk word for a large freshwater fish seen in the shallows.

I don't know whether that means it's the name of a particular kind of such fish, or whether it's a generic word that applies to any such fish, but I liked the word.

I suppose I should explicitly mention, in case it's not obvious by now, that I'm not restricting myself to the kinds of words that are valid in wordgames. The words I'm posting here include non-English terms, proper nouns, slang, and so on. Part of me thinks it's more fun to stick to wordgame-valid words, but then I see a word like "tiktaalik" and have to post it.