My favorite new word from recent weeks is "moulage."

MW11 has a relatively staid definition: "an impression or cast made for use especially as evidence in a criminal investigation."

But in emergency-response circles, "moulage" is (as Wikipedia puts it) "the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training [...] medical and military personnel."

Mock injuries. They make fake wounds out of latex, and they sell kits that contain fake wounds along with makeup for creating more of them. (That kit page amusingly says they sell "Moulage Makeup & Causality Simulation." Can I get a causality simulation?) You can take classes in this stuff.

I gather it's still called moulage when makeup artists do it for movies and plays. Which is too bad if true; I liked the idea of there being a word specifically and exclusively for this particular aspect of emergency medical training.

Anyway, the word is, of course, from French; the roots have to do with molding, casting, or forming.