snook, brouching, scraling

I usually post words here after I find out what they mean, but I just encountered three words that I can't find relevant definitions for, so I'm gonna post 'em here and see if any of y'all know what they mean.

First, "snook." A snook is a kind of fish, and there are various places named "Snook," and to snook is to make a particular gesture of contempt, or to show contempt for something. But in the Johnny Cash song "Straight A's in Love," the line "I began to be a snook at books" doesn't seem to fit any of those meanings. It's possible it's a typo or a Mondegreen, but all the sites I can find that have lyrics for that song include that line.

The other two are even more mysterious: on a page about Star Trek: Phase II at Memory Alpha, an episode summary mentions the crew "brouching and scraling at each other." Brouching? Scraling? The terms don't seem to appear anywhere else on the web, or in any dictionaries I have access to, including slang dictionaries. Typos? Made-up terms from the episode being described? I have no idea.

Any thoughts?