Introducing guest blogger Shmuel

It occurred to me a while back that it might be interesting to have other folks who are interested in words and wordplay join me in blogging here, either temporarily or permanently.

As the first experiment in that direction, Shmuel has agreed to be a guest blogger here for the next month or so.

For those who don't know him:

Shmuel is probably best-known online for his abovelinked Soapbox blog, but he hasn't posted there for a while; lately he's been Twittering instead.

My first significant interactions with him, iIrc, were when he and I were both proofreaders at the online erotica magazine Clean Sheets. He had a sharp eye for prose problems of all sorts, from the punctuational to the grammatical, and his comments were often entertaining, interesting, and informative.

(And by the way, he's currently available for freelance copyediting, proofreading, and research. Or maybe I mean researching? Parallelism!)

We've kept in intermittent touch over the years, and he's been a regular reader and commenter here. When I started thinking about bringing guest bloggers aboard, he seemed like the obvious choice for guinea pig first guest blogger.

Welcome to the blog, Shmuel!