Obsolescism: taping

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Way back in 1997, I introduced the term “obsolescism” to refer to a term or phrase (like “dialing” a telephone) that has lost its literal meaning but hasn't yet become entirely metaphorical.

One such term that I missed in that column is “film”; people sometimes refer to “filming” something in motion even when the medium they're recording onto is digital video. (Perhaps partly because “videoing” is kind of a clunky verb.)

I've heard “filming” used that way plenty of times, but this is the first time I've run into “taping” used that way:

Albero drained his phone's battery taping the incident[....]

—CNN article about an airplane making an emergency landing

These days, the word “filming” doesn't usually make me think of actual film, any more than “dial” makes me think of an actual phone dial. But in my lexicon, “taping” definitely refers to using the medium of videotape. (I don't think I hear it used non-literally even in the context of recording a show for later use—I hear “TiVoing” fairly often, or just “recording,” but not, I don't think, “taping.”)

I wonder if “taping” is in more common use in that context in the world of television news.

Do y'all use “taping” this way? Does it sound odd to you?

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