Secret Service code names

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TIME magazine provides a list of 11 Great Secret Service Code Names. I don't love their discussions and presentation of the names, but I like the names themselves, from Paul Ryan's “Bowhunter” to Barack Obama's “Renegade” to Cindy McCain's “Parasol.” And yes, the gender differences are especially interesting. has a better and longer list without the annoying annotations, though also presumably without the fact-checking. That list has a fair bit of overlap with a list from the NNDB, though I don't know whether either of those two lists used the other as a source. Some of the ones I like from those lists:

Todd Palin
Amy Carter
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Queen Elizabeth II
Frank Sinatra
Maureen Reagan
Dan Quayle
George H. W. Bush
John Anderson
Laura Bush
Prince Charles

For more code names, and more info, see Wikipedia.

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