La Tierra Character Drawings

(Last change: 8 May 1998.)

Ananda Patterson, gamemaster extraordinaire, ran a roleplaying game (alternately known as "The Versedrom Campaign" and "La Tierra") starting in 1993 or so that was one of the two best and most intense games I've ever been associated with. We had a total of nine players over the course of the game (usually seven at any given session), mostly playing characters who'd known each other since childhood. The situations were far too complicated to even touch on coherently in a brief description -- the characters' parents were convicted of heresy and banished to Siberia; the characters accidentally traveled into alternate universes to rescue an NPC; they engaged upon a hellish descent into a place called Paradise which tested their faith to the utmost; they discovered that they were hybrid seedlings of the Tree of Life (and were therefore the personifications of certain universal Archetypes); they rescued what was left of their parents; they evacuated the entire population of an alternate Japan into another universe; and they managed to avoid a war with the Council of Mages. All this, plus magical explosions, assassinations, interspecies sex, shapeshifting, attempts to prevent the destruction of the world... And did I mention that the characters were mostly humanoids from an alternate Earth where sentience evolved from mammals other than primates? Like I said, the campaign doesn't lend itself to easy summary.

Fortunately, you don't need to know the story to appreciate the drawings that one of the players, Mark Precious, made of some of the characters. Mark has kindly given me permission to post these great portraits on the Web; please don't copy them without permission. Oh, and I apologize in advance for the scanning artifacts; the originals were in pencil, and even after some fairly intensive processing aren't quite as nice on-screen.

Player characters:

Non-player characters (all art by Ananda except Ymotama and Drexxel):

Not shown are Hisbollah, played by Charles Cala, and a couple of other player characters who weren't among the eight seedlings of the Tree of Life. For much, much more information, see Sarah's home page.

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