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PPP: Experience, Memory, and Insight

"Nietzche [sic] said that poetry has turned beasts into men. Perhaps, then, poetry will turn computers into men? Next question." —Racter "Writing poetry with a computer is like eating spaghetti with a fork a yard long. It can be done, but it's not easy." —Kevin McKean Poetry and computers have been at least vaguely linked […]

OOO: Leaving Marks

At the end of a previous column, I mentioned the challenge of choosing a set of names for a set of networked computers, given that more computers will almost always be added to the set later. (Pity the poor novice system administrator who obtains a set of nine servers, names them after the planets or […]

NNN: Order! Order!

Being a collection of miscellaneous items. First up, a puzzle. A couple of years back, someone named Puzzlerkin posted this cute little item to the rec.puzzles newsgroup: Consider the following word series: aid guess degree estate avenue sense Now suggest a word that could correctly continue the sequence. (See answer.) On a vaguely related topic, […]