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I suppose the worst part of starting a blog (if that's the appropriate name for this Tohu Bohu) is the pressure on that first entry. It should be wise, witty, surprising, kicky, just a bit sexy, and give everybody in the world a reason to check the damn' thing six times a day for the rest of their lives.

This ain't it.

I'll settle in over the next six or seven years, and then go back and write the first entry. It'll be better that way. In the meantime, Thomas Friedman, whose pro-war views I find persuasive despite myself, write in this morning's New York Times (registration required, sort of) that France shouldn't be on the Security Council, and that India should be. His argument is that India is a serious nation, and France ain't, which is not a good one, but the truth is that France is only on the Council because it's a nuclear power, which isn't reason enough (certainly not when India, Pakistan and North Korea are nuclear powers). India should be a permanent member of the Security Council because it's absurd that it isn't. So say I.

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