Studio Ghibli and the rest of the Hollywood elite

OK, I don’t really want to turn this Tohu Bohu into whinging about Republicans, but… have any of you actually watched this?

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Lou Dobbs, on Fox Business, claims that the release of two children’s movies with a liberal theme is an invidious attempt by liberal Hollywood to suborn the loyalty of decent Conservative children to support the agenda of Our Only President. Of course, one of the films was not made in Hollywood at all, and both of them are based on decade’s-old books. Oh, and his series of clips where Our Only President talks about fairness—a fair shake, a fair deal, paying one’s fair share—don’t actually match up with the clips from the movies, which don’t mention fairness at all.

Now, I know that this wasn’t a serious bit. Mr. Dobbs could not keep a straight face through the four and a half minute segment. His three talk-radio-host guests ranged from boisterous silliness to weary submission, but it was clear that none of the three thought this was a serious bit. I have two problems, though.

First, I can’t quite figure out what is funny about the segment. I mean, if it wasn’t Lou Dobbs on Fox, I could imagine that it was intended as a parody of lunatic anti-Obama paranoia. It still wouldn’t have been funny, to my way of thinking, lacking the kind of satiric madness that the Comedy Channel folk still occasionally flash, but that would clearly be the intended joke. As it is, the only think I can think of is that it was a kind of wink-wink joke about how much time these channels have to fill, kind of like the inane banter graphic that the Red Sox broadcasts used to flash.

And (B), if you were Lou Dobbs or his producer, wouldn’t you be worried that people would think you were, you know, unhinged? I mean, people who broadly speaking agree with your bizarre political demagoguery (or they wouldn’t be watching), but who, you know, have heard of Dr. Seuss before? Really, this is as much as I have watched Lou Dobbs in ten years, but… I’m a little worried about him. He does remember that Japan is on a whole different continent, right?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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