Happy Lt. Columbo Day

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On the topic of today’s more-or-less holiday…

It’s amazing to me that only forty years ago (or so) when I was in grade school, we were still being taught (a) that Columbus correctly figured out the world was round while everybody else thought it was flat, which of course was not remotely true; (2) that Columbus was a hero who treated the locals (and his sailors) well, which was also not remotely true; and (iii) that everybody else (or at least everybody who mattered) also thought Columbus was a heroic explorer and not a monster, which was only remotely true if you had a very limited view of who mattered. My kids are being taught actual history, or something much closer to it.

Real change happens all the time. Some things are always getting better while other things get worse—social progress is bunk on a larger scale but absolutely happens in narrow, impermanent but powerful ways.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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