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I listened to more of the hearings today, and while probably the most serious stuff they covered was about the intimidation, what stood out to me was the testimony that the Trump campaign lied to at least some of the self-proclaimed “alternate electors” to get them on the slate.

I’ve talked about how the committee is looking to drive a wedge between “establishment” Republicans (vaddevah dat means) and MAGA, but they are also making it clear that the MAGA movement was lied to, scammed and manipulated by the President and his close associates. I don’t know if that’s a useful goal for the committee, though. At any rate, that’s what stood out to me.

I’ll add: throughout the last Administration, I have wondered: what if it were my Party? What if the leaders of my Party, office-holders and thought leaders and Party activists and media types, really were engaged in the kind of conspiracy that they were being accused of? How would I find out, and what kind of evidence would be convincing, and would I be open to it? Am I doing what I need to do to defend against that sort of thing, in part by preventing the Party being taken over by people who would attempt it?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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