Primary Day!

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It’s Primary Election Day in Connecticut!

I am generally a defender of the American Two-Party System, not because I am unaware of its drawbacks and flaws, but because I don’t think they are worse than the flaws of multi-Party systems, such as those in England or Germany or Israel. The whole business of participatory self-government is going to be a kludge, one way or the other. Frankly, the search for the One Simple Trick to Make Democracy Work is the search for participatory self-government in which people don’t have to participate much, or govern themselves much, which is pretty much the opposite of the point.

But I will say this: voting in every Party Primary is just about the easiest and cheapest way to influence how your state is governed, long-term. There are a few more effective ways, but they mostly cost a little bit of money (subscribing to a local newspaper, f’r’ex) or a good deal of time.

Voting in a Primary election is more important than voting in a General election, usually. And that thing where people say if you don’t vote, you can’t complain? It’s obviously not true, but what is true is this: voting is more useful than complaining, and voting in a Primary election is a lot more useful than complaining, and also a lot less work.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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