Good morning, here’s the newspaper and your coffee.

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A couple of interesting op-ed columns in this morning's New York Times: Nicholas D. Kristof writes about whether the hawks or the doves were closer to right about Iraq. He quotes himself from a column last September as saying "If we're going to invade, we need to prepare for a worst-case scenario involving street-to-street fighting," but seems to think that was wrong. Key word in that sentence, Mr. Kristof: prepare. You were right. Preparation was necessary. Still, I think it was nice of him to give props to the hawks on some stuff. The whole article comes off too defensive for my tastes, but it seems to match with an earlier note of mine.

A trifle further down the web page, Paul Krugman writes about Our Only President's economic plan. There's a terrific line in there about it being a "W.P.A. program in reverse." Hee hee.

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