The Stone of Rassi–wait, that’s not right


What is the plot twist that will (nearly) prevent the Stone of Scone from arriving safely at Westminster Abbey in time for the coronation?

1) The head of an international organization devoted to terror, crime and villainy intercepts it and holds it for ransom. James Bond (thought to have been killed but actually in secluded retirement) is brought back for one final mission.

ii) The Doctor and Jamie help its original creators, a previously unknown alien life form, to secretly reclaim it, but then in the fourth episode they turn out to be in league with the Master, and there’s a whole lot of running through corridors.

ℷ) The Stone is supposed to be in the care of the young heir to the Laird of Heathsbaugh, but is actually given to his identical (but hapless) Australian cousin, who is then pursued across the length and breadth of the isle not only by the heir (in a Morris Minor owned by a comely dustman’s daughter) but by a variety of comic bureaucrats, aristocrats and, of course, the dustman.

D) Musical bands of unemployed colliers gather from villages and towns to stage a protest in front of the Abbey. Charles visits them incognito in the pre-dawn light. Everyone learns something about what it truly means to be British.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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