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Your Humble Blogger is home again, home again, and will start blogging soon. Without blogging the actual vacation, let me just point out how terribly poignant it is to be newspaperless for a week, and then on Dec. 29th pick up an old paper lying around that had as a top headline something along the lines of 'Asian Tidal Wave Shock: 15,000 dead'. Still, it's a new year and all, innit?

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  1. Michael

    While the deaths in Asia are horrifying, they are dwarfed by the number of people dying from preventable or treatable diseases. Somewhat like highway deaths in the US, we’ve somehow come to accept the disease deaths in Asia and Africa as background fact rather than ongoing crisis.

    A new year, a new opportunity to reject the present as inevitable. May we find ways this year to radically improve some corners of the world.


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