Book Report: Grave Talent

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It’s always a bit odd reading a first-in-the-series when you’ve read the other books in the series, and it’s even odder re-reading it when you’ve re-read the other books more often. There are things that just don’t seem correct, sometimes because the author hasn’t really settled in yet, or hasn’t hit on the right formula yet, or sometimes because the author is slowly introducing you to someone you already know very well indeed. It’s particularly odd re-reading Grave Talent, where Laurie R. King hides for half the book the fact that Kate Martinelli is—gasp!—a lesbian. Which, you know, I knew.

Anyway, the thing is that there’s evidently a new Martinelli coming out this month, which evidently involves Kate and Al searching for (don’t say it, no, please don’t, just let me die in blissful ignorance) Mary Russell. Ah, well. Yes, of course, I’ll read it. I can’t stop now.

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