Or was that Code 22?

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On the off-chance that any Gentle Reader is knowledgeable enough about Windows (blech) to help me, may I meantion that my Video Display driver is fucked, and that I can’t seem to replace it because of Code 37? My Google skillz tell me that Code 37 generally comes up with CD or DVD drives, rather than video, and that you can fix it in this way and that way and this way and that way. Those ways seem to me to be specific to CD drives, rather than video, but I tried them, and as I expected they had no effect on the video. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, of course, and it wouldn’t let me reinstall because of Code 37. Intel (who made the video card) thinks it’s awfully quaint that I’ve got a three-year-old video card, and they are not going to help me, other than offering me the opportunity to download the driver again.

Code 37, by the way, is the one that says that Microsoft and other computer hardware and software firms have the right to do whatever you can’t stop them from doing. It was in the agreement you clicked through.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

2 thoughts on “Or was that Code 22?

  1. Matt Hulan

    Hey V

    What kind of computer machine, card (if you can tell more specifically than Intel), and operating system (more specific than Windows) do you have?

    Also, did you recently upgrade your OS?



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