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It seems that Your Humble Blogger has not developed a Tohu Bohu Thanksgiving Tradition. Well, and mostly, the tradition has been not posting anything, because I’m all doing things, eating things, and washing things.

Now, however, Your Humble Blogger can cheat. I can set entries in advance. My Election Day presentation of Mr. Whitman’s marvelous poem was slotted in a few days beforehand, like a little time bomb (or time blog), set to go off on the day. That was just in case I forgot. Well, and so that it would post in the morning, whilst I was busy, you know, voting. So I could set something up to post itself on cue, all the same as Election Day, Armistice Day and Memorial Day. But I don’t have any ideas.

I am disinclined to do an annual list of Things For Which To Be All Thankful For And Stuff. As I mentioned at one point, I’m thankful for the bad stuff, too; I’m just happy to be here. I could find poems of thanksgiving and praise, I suppose. I don’t know. I’m not going to post favorite recipes, because I don’t think about recipes enough to have favorites, except for a very tiny handful, which would run out too quickly to make a ToBoThanksTrad. I have given up on my brilliant Oscars game, so I can’t open up the game season with a Thanksgiving post.

I got nuttin’. I’m not even here.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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