Book Report: The White Priory Murders

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Is it possible that Your Humble Blogger hasn’t blogged any of the H.M. mysteries over the last four years? Is it possible that I haven’t read or reread any of them for four years? It seems unlikely. More likely, I’ve read them and put them back on the shelf without remembering to blog them.

Well, I reread The White Priory Murders, and it was lovely. For those who are unfamiliar with H.M., he is Henry Merrivale, and in a series of novels by John Dickson Carr (calling himself Carter Dickson), the old man solves a series of mysteries, mostly locked-room stuff. Many of the solutions are implausible or risible, but who the hell cares? The books are such fun. If you like the Peter Wimsey, you should at least try H.M.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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