A brief clarification

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So, just in case anyone was unclear where I stand on this: the President-Elect is entitled to name his (or her) own advisers. Whether a person has an official title or not, the President can and should consult with whoever has advice that the President wants.

Also: the choice to officially name Steve Bannon shames the country, and not only disgusts me but heightens my fear for my children. I cannot interpret this as the act of someone who wants anything good for me or my family, or for the America I know.

Choices have consequences. If the President-Elect wants the country to come together, he cannot also choose someone who is in the business of division and bigotry to be his public chief adviser, someone who has supported and is supported by the same people who attack me and my family on-line.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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