Dave Bartholomew, ain’t that a shame

Dave Bartholomew has died. Not one of the most well-known names, but one of the great writers of American music. Best known for collaborating with Fats Domino, of course, but like all the best American songwriters, his stuff has been picked up and passed hand to hand, horn to horn, shifting and evolving and resettling along the way. I tried to make a Top Five personal favorite recordings of his songs, but got a bit lost in his amazing back catalogue. Anyway, here are some for you to enjoy:

My personal favorite: The Beausoleil cover of “It’s You I Love”. Magnificent. Worth learning Louisiana-French to sing along with.

Speaking of singing along, of all the Fats Domino collaborations, I think my favorite to sing along with is “Whole Lotta Loving”.

How about “That’s How You Got Killed Before”, recorded by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Elvis Costello

Speaking of the Dirty Dozen and EC, here’s a live version of them with Mr. Bartholomew himself doing “The Monkey Speaks His Mind”. It’s not my favorite version of that one, though, which might be Doctor John or The Fabulous Thunderbirds but might also be Mutabaruka

I’ll bring it home with “Ain’t That a Shame“, which was recorded separately by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but neither of those sides sound as good to me as Tina Turner’s.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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