Twenty Good Years

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Your Humble Blogger remembered having written a note ten years ago, to mark the tenth anniversary of the Best Reader of this Tohu Bohu marrying YHB. Rereading that essay, I don’t think I have anything to add. Some of y’all are still around, here or in Another Place, and doing the thing you did for us at that time and ten years previously.

It seems to me that very, very few of the college buddies I am still in touch with have gone through divorces. I assume it’s just a small sample size quirk, rather than anything meaningful, although it is true that the divorce rate started dropping pretty much the moment we all graduated and went out into the world. Anyway, I think a lot of us married well (tho’ none so well as me) and have thrived in our marriages. I try to keep in mind, when thinking about either public policy or individual choices, that my gut instinct that everyone would be happier in monogamous legal marriages is based on that small sample size. Happy families are different, one to another—sorry, Tolstoi—and imposing a standard form is not the path to happiness for individuals or society.

Still, it’s gone well for me.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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