One Hundred Years ago today…

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For the last week or so, Your Humble Blogger has taken to spending a few minutes a day on the Chronicling America site, perusing the headlines from 100 years ago. It’s interesting, and occasionally soothing. As bad as today’s headlines are, we have been through bad times before.

Anyway, one hundred years ago today, the big headline across the country was the coal miner’s strike: something close to 400,000 miners downed tools. It’s the banner headline across the country. The story turns out to be important in the history of, oh, the Palmer Raids, the AFL, Bolshevism, race-relations… anyway, it’s a big story nationwide.

As I browsed through the front pages for the day, I was really intrigued by the headlines in the non-English dailies, of which there were many. And I made this collage: Headlines from non-English US Newspapers about the coal strike, 1 November 1919

The headlines are all from 1 November 1919, of course, from the following newspapers:

La prensa. [The Press] (San Antonio, Tex.)
Svět [World] (Cleveland, Ohio)
Lietuva. [Lithuania] (Chicago, Ill.)
L'Italia. [The Italian Daily News] (San Francisco, Calif.)
El Tucsonense. [The Tusconian] (Tucson, Ariz.)
Dziennik Chicagoski. [Chicago Diary] (Chicago [Ill.]
Draugas. [Lithuanian Daily Friend] (Chicago, Ill.)

I’m not making any particular point. I just think it’s an interesting world we live in, is all.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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