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ccc: Shaggy Boxes

Some say a "shaggy-dog story" is a short amusing story-joke ending in a pun (usually a Spoonerism). There are many such stories (sometimes known as "feghoots") extant, including the vast collection of Alan B. Combs. I admit to an intermittent fondness for such stories, and they can be a useful part of one's joke repertoire. […]

bbb: Rhyme-Time Chime

There's a musical group called the Pomo Afro Homos. A couple years back Kam, Mykle, and I starting riffing on that theme and ended up deciding that a black gay deconstructionist obnoxious Beatnik vagrant clown who works in a certain hotel in San Francisco (having moved there from New York) is an: Afro homo pomo […]

aaa: At Tea With Squdgy Fez

A new topic for a new year: pangrams. A pangram is a sentence that uses each letter of an alphabet at least once (like "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," a 35-letter pangram); the coolest pangrams are those that use each letter exactly once. MacOS uses various pangrams to demonstrate fonts, including […]