According to Wikipedia: A hypocorism […] is a diminutive form of a name. Hypocorisms include pet names or calling names[…] The article also includes lists of dozens of hypocorisms from many languages.

NSA relationship

I was amused by this 2006 thread in a dating forum, asking about the meaning of the phrase NSA Relationship in a dating profile. Consensus seemed to be that the term really meant “No Strings Attached,” but respondents suggested a variety of other acronym expansions, such as: “A relationship with someone in the National Security […]


An embeddable way to annoy visitors to your site: CRAPCHA. CRAPCHA is an acronym for Completely Ridiculous And Phony Captcha that Hassles for Amusement. It is a parody of the annoying CAPTCHA codes that try to verify that you are not a bot. […] CRAPCHA takes this to the next level, with characters that are […]