auncle, ommer, ontle: gender-neutral aunt/uncle term?

I was idly wondering a few days ago whether there’s a non-gendered term for an aunt or uncle. Such a term might be useful (for example) for referring collectively to a group of aunts and uncles, or for referring to a specific aunt-or-uncle of unknown gender, or for referring to a nonbinary-gendered aunt or uncle. […]

Most uniquest

It’s not only unique. It’s not only very unique. It’s not only the most unique. It’s the most unique ever. “Palo Alto Pizza Co. offers the Bay Area’s most unique gourmet pizza experience ever.”


I just encountered an authorial note by Robert A. Heinlein, possibly written around 1980, that used the word happy-making. I think I only started to see that word used in the last twenty years or so, so I got curious about when it come into use. My dictionary was silent on the matter, but Google […]

Some collective nouns

A list of collective nouns. No idea of original source. NSFW. Collective nouns for groups of animals A Gaggle of Geese A Herd of Cattle A Fuckload of Bees A Pile of Eagles An Uneasy Partnership of Coyotes A 101.5 "The Hammer" FM of Moths A Wad of Raccoons A Who Cares? of Voles A […]

Tolkien fonts

Some Tolkien-related fonts: Tolkienesque Regular and Tolkienesque New (scroll down on page) Two fonts inspired by Tolkien’s calligraphy. The Regular version “has a slightly distressed feel, with uneven edges”; the New version “remade the entire font from scratch, in order to clean up all the outlines (to remove the ‘distressed’ quality) and give it a […]

morfternoon and maen

A few weeks ago, I coined the word morfternoon, which refers to the period of time in a given day when it’s technically very late morning or even afternoon, but one is having such a slow start to one’s day that it’s effectively morning. Sadly, I see that others have also coined this term; there […]

Puns from Facebook

Every now and then, I come up with a pun that I like, and I post it to Facebook. I’m now collecting those posts on a Words & Stuff page. (Which I’ll add to over time.) Oddly, all the ones I’ve put on that page so far have been posted in April of various years. […]