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EEE: For Want of a Blue Pencil

Every now and then (as, more or less, in column J, column cc, and column hhh), I'm struck by the urge to issue a prescriptivist rant about the language mistakes that other people make. (I, of course, never langage errors of any kind making.) This is another such occasion. Some years back I noticed that […]

CCC: Charlie and the Metaphor Factory

(Warning: This week's column contains various tasteless and profane phrases. They're what pass for humor in these parts. Kids these days, grumble grumble.) [added note, 13 February 2000: Originally, this column included an entertaining but fairly tasteless game having to do with Charlie Brown book titles. Last night, Charles Schultz died in his sleep. I […]

BBB: Lucy, Suzy, and Mary Mack

A while back, I mentioned a jump-rope or ball-bouncing chant in which you make up words starting with a given letter: "A, my name is Alice and my husband's name is Al; we come from Alabama and we sell aardvarks." Ever since then I've been wanting to discuss jump-rope rhymes, counting-out rhymes, and clapping-pattern rhymes, […]

AAA: Times and Places (Reader Comments and Addenda)

Have received a surprising number of responses on this one—seems to have struck a chord. Maybe just because I've finally started posting reader comments in a timely manner again (though I've still got an enormous backlog). DaveJ, of Portland, Oregon, maintains that those who live there are Portlanders, not Portlandites. There's clearly some difference of […]

AAA: Times and Places

A few miscellaneous items this week to get the new year off to a good start. Letter to the Editor Elliott Moreton, amanuensis at large, forwarded this timely item: Dear Editor: Starting today, January 1, 2000, we will all be living in the future! This will have many crucial impacts for culture, industry, commerce, architecture, […]