K: Gallivanting Around the World

There's a word game in which players take turns saying the names of countries; each name must start with the final letter of the previous name. No repetitions of names are allowed. I'm sure this game has a name, but since I don't know it, I'll call it "Gallivanting." The problem with Gallivanting under those […]

J: Unleashing the Prescriptivist Within

I've got my prescriptivist hat on this week. Although I'm fully aware that language changes over time, and that linguistically speaking an utterance is grammatical if a linguistically naive native speaker says it's grammatical, I grew up with a strong grounding in correctness of language—correct speech and correct writing. And sometimes that background shows itself […]

I: Hybrid Vigor

When the '90s began, some people were quick to come up with new paradigms for the new decade... New Crossbred Isms for the '90s by Ranjit Bhatnagar (8/21/90) Blaspheminism. "Take the patriarchy and stuff it up your Messiah." Antisocialism. "The heart of the Nation is the worker who works alone." Intercommunism. "The proletariat shall not […]

H: Apian Patellae (Reader Comments and Addenda)

Apparently I liked the "biking Viking" one so much I needed to list it twice. Oops. Arthur contributed some more hinks: Alternate answers for "hink-pink: seafood spread": bream cream, or perhaps ship dip. Hink-pinks: Where to get your fix while you're on shore leave? Tar bar. [Or the related "smack shack." —JEH] A little cream […]

H: Apian Patellae

A hinky-pinky is a clue, definition, or riddle, the answer to which is a pair of rhyming words. For instance, the clue Hinky-pinky: a Norseman on wheels could be answered "biking Viking." The phrase "hinky-pinky" is part of the clue; it declares that the words of the answer are each two syllables. Other phrases are […]

G: Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb?

Ulysses Simpson Grant and his wife (née Julia Boggs Dent) are both entombed in Grant's Tomb, but technically speaking nobody at all is buried there. Or so I hear. In something of the spirit of that old chestnut, here are some other trick-question riddles that, without resorting to Marxism, contain the seeds of their own […]