Follow Me!

In the game of Follow Me!, the computer lights up the colored boxes in a random sequence; your task is then to repeat the sequence in order.

Before you click the Begin button, you can play around by clicking squares to light them up.

After you click the Begin button, wait until the sequence is done playing before you click a square.

In some cases, the computer’s sequence may not show a black box in between two of the same color box, so what should be multiple consecutive flashes of a single color look like just one long flash. I’m not sure under what circumstances that happens; sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. If it happens to you, try reloading the page.

Choose a sequence length and then click Begin.





Game inspired by the game of Simon, of course.

Written by Jed Hartman in 1999, using JavaScript code mostly generated by Dreamweaver. In 2023, I was impressed to find that all of the JS code still worked, without modification, in its original page. When I copied it over to this WordPress page, I had to make a couple of small modifications; for example, I had to change the onLoad event handler to window.addEventListener. And moving it to WordPress seems to have introduced an intermittent timing bug that causes problems sometimes when the same color appears twice in a row in a given pattern. But still, the 25-year-old JS code is pretty close to working without changes; nice work, Dreamweaver engineers.