About Jed

I’m an editor and writer, with various eclectic interests. Below are summaries of some aspects of my life; for details, follow the links.

Present: Who I am

These days, I’m a writer end editor of software documentation and fiction. I live in a house full of books in Mountain View, California.

My interests include discussing language, playing with words, reading fiction, watching movies, playing games, singing rounds, publishing ebooks, collecting nifty and fun toys and devices of various sorts, and engaging in airy persiflage.

I have two poly sweeties: Mary Anne and Kam.

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Past: A Brief History of Jed

I grew up in California, attended Swarthmore College and Clarion West elsewhere, and then came back to California.

Worked at Apple (QA), SGI (tech writing), Macromedia (tech writing), and Google (tech writing and editing).

I also spent twelve years as a fiction editor for the online speculative fiction magazine Strange Horizons.

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Where to find me and how to contact me: Email Facebook Mastodon Linkedin Bluesky Instagram

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