Better mood

Yesterday morning, after I posted my latest old-family-letters update, I unexpectedly fell asleep for about two hours. But after I woke up, I spent most of the rest of the day in a much better mood than I’ve managed lately. I think there were a bunch of reasons for that, but here are a few […]

Family letters: 1979

We only wrote four letters to George and Helen in 1979, and one of those is one that I already posted: the one that I had labeled as late 1978 turns out to have really been late 1979. This project has continued to be stressful for me. One of the early-1979 letters includes the first […]

Time flies

Over the weekend, I learned yet again that time flies. For example: I thought to myself, Huh, it’s been a few months since last time I talked with [specific friend]. Then I saw something that indicated that no, it had been nearly two years. I decided it was time to change my electric-toothbrush head, so […]

Sturgeon books I didn’t know about

I thought that I had read all of Sturgeon’s fiction except for one novel. But it turns out that he wrote five other books that I hadn’t heard of. Three of them are novelizations of movies: The King and Four Queens (1956) Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) The Rare Breed (1966) But […]

Heist movies

I’ve been thinking about heist movies lately, and it occurred to me that the kind of heist movie that I like has a bunch of pretty specific traits. So here are some attributes that heist movies and TV shows that I like tend to have. (Doesn’t have to have all of these attributes for me […]

Family letters: 1978

And all of the 1978 letters, which is everything that I’ve posted so far. This batch includes our move to Palo Alto! May 31, 1978 Marcy writes on a bunch of different topics, including how Jay and Jed are doing, car troubles, considering moving, Proposition 13, Peter’s job, Marcy’s illness, the impending birth of a […]

Family letters: 1977

And here are all of the 1977 letters: February 22, 1977 A brief thank-you note from Jay for some birthday presents. Also February 22, 1977 A brief thank-you note from Jed for some birthday presents. (My first letter written in cursive!) March 22, 1977 Notes from Peter and Marcy in anticipation of George and Helen […]

Family letters: October–December 1976

I’ve fallen way behind again on linking from here to old family letters. Here are the letters from the rest of 1976: October 12, 1976 A brief update from Marcy. “hoping you’re all survived from your multitudinous surgeries, Grandpa, and thoroughly enjoying your leisure.” October 27, 1976 A postcard from Peter, wishing George and Helen […]

On shaving my head

(This is a post about intentionally shaving my head. I know that a lot of people don’t have a choice about not having hair; if reading about someone choosing to temporarily remove their hair will bother you, then you may want to skip this post.) Many years ago, a friend and I discussed the possibility […]

Getting assorted medical things done

Sometimes September turns out to be the month when I coincidentally do a bunch of medical checkups and such. This year, that started in September but has continued into October. My recent medical progress includes: Getting the covalent bivalve booster shot. Getting the flu shot. Having a cancer test done. (Don’t worry, the test showed […]

Some good documentation

I complain so often about confusing or unclear documentation that I feel like I ought to occasionally praise particularly good documentation. Two items from last week in that regard: As I previously mentioned, the documentation at the Airbnb that I stayed at was great. Clear and brief, and placed in exactly the right places to […]