Life updates

Some assorted life updates: As mentioned the other week, my bicycle chain snapped while I was riding it. I’ve now had the chain (and some other parts) replaced, and got the bike a general tune-up. The work was done by Mobile Bicycle Repair; they came and picked up my bike, then delivered it back to […]

Several errands

Whew. That was a lot of errands! Stopped at a store to pick up an item to add to a box I was mailing. Took two boxes to the post office to mail. Unfortunately, the box that had needed something added to it wasn’t yet sealed, and despite reminding myself to bring tape, I had […]

No more Cue COVID tests

Short version of this post: Cue Health, the company that makes the higher-accuracy home COVID tests that I’ve been relying on for years, is going out of business. I’m going to try a different brand of tests: Metrix. Long version: A couple years ago, Google started supplying employees with highly accurate free home COVID tests […]

Thoughts on four-day workweeks

I keep meaning to note that discussions of 4-day workweeks are sometimes a little confusing because different people are talking about different models. For example, the kind of schedule they’re referring to could be any of the following: 4 days, 8 hours a day. 4 days, 10 hours a day. 32 hours, distributed in various […]

Hearing aid update

A few weeks ago, my left hearing aid started intermittently not working. I tried various options for rebooting and charging and connecting it to various devices and so on. Sometimes it would work for a few hours, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes I would wear it for a few hours of it not working, and then […]

More about love languages

I’ve seen a few criticisms of the “love languages” concept recently, mostly in the form of people taking for granted that it’s a bad and useless concept. And that keeps puzzling me, because the idea that different people have different modes and approaches that make them feel valued seems straightforwardly and obviously true to me. […]

The introverts-at-Google story

Here’s a story from my early days at Google, circa early 2005. Content warning for criticism of a particular set of extroverts (which is not to be confused with criticism of all extroverts). Also content warning for discussion of the desirability of interacting with people in person, which is a fraught topic for a lot […]

Good things

Some assorted good things: There’s now only one published Joanna Russ story that I don’t have a copy of (and a university library may be sending me that last one soon). And I’m making progress on a couple of Russ-related projects. I’ve been helping the Otherwise Award folks catch up on various tasks and get […]


This past Tuesday, Mary Anne broke up with me, ending a relationship that lasted a little over 26 years. The relationship has been on rocky ground for at least the past two years, during which time we’ve been doing couples therapy. (We didn’t talk publicly about our 25th anniversary, in late 2022, because it would’ve […]


I was going to say that it’s been a difficult and stressful week, but I’m trying to remind myself to question that kind of totalizing narrative. So maybe it would be more accurate to say: It’s been a complicated week for me, with a couple of particularly difficult and stressful events that I’m not ready […]