Childhood stories, part 1

Mary Anne recently indicated that she hadn’t heard many of my childhood stories. So it occurred to me that it might be interesting/fun to write up some of them in the form of a new #TBT series—not exactly a memoir or autobiography, more just a collection of anecdotes and memories. This first installment is only […]

What we talk about when we talk about romcoms

A lot of people don’t have the same ideas that I do about what constitutes a romcom. To me, romcom (also written as rom-com) is a genre, with such strong genre conventions that they border on formula. It doesn’t just mean a movie that has some romantic or comedic aspects. (I’m intentionally using the term […]

Russ reviews

My pick-a-random-unread-book system recently picked Joanna Russ’s reviews-and-essays collection The Country You Have Never Seen. I’m not normally a big reader of reviews—I don’t hate them, they’re just not something I tend to be super into. But in this case, I laughed out loud half a dozen times in the first couple dozen pages. Partly […]

The Home Edit

I finally skimmed the book The Home Edit. (Which appeared mysteriously in my house a while back; probably someone donated it to my Little Free Library and I just forgot that was where it came from.) Kind of interesting. The core idea seems to be, for each disorganized space in your house, do roughly the […]

Presenting in absentia

For our annual tech writer conference at work, I gave a talk about the sixteen-year history of our developer docs style guide; I created the original version of the guide in 2005. The conference had the presenters prerecord their talks this year, so I recorded mine before I went on leave. The people running the […]

Wingspan: game or art?

Interesting article about Wingspan, which I’m posting mostly because it’s such a different perception of the game from mine. Though I’m also posting it because it includes interesting stuff about Elizabeth Hargrave and her process of developing the game, and how her success is helping to open the door to more diversity among game designers. […]

Status update

Status update for my first week of being on leave from day job: Feeling a little more relaxed already. Getting more sleep than usual, though that may be related to going to sleep earlier than usual. I made a list of things to do every day—some of them are ongoing long-term open-ended things, like piano […]

Some assorted life updates

Learning Piano: Have made significant progress recently. Pleasing. Continuing to get noticeably better. Currently doing the “Slash chords” course in Simply Piano, which is less scary than it sounded. Duolingo: 43 consecutive days (except for one day that I missed but they gave me a streak freeze). Getting noticeably better there too. Who knew that […]

Braudel’s _Structures of Everyday Life_

I’m continuing to read/skim Fernand Braudel’s 1980(ish) The Structures of Everyday Life: The Limits of the Possible (volume 1 of his three-volume work Civilization and Capitalism, 15th–18th Century). I continue to find it a mix of fascinating and annoying—there’s a wealth of information here about what Braudel calls “material life” around the world during that […]