Bad-luck-threat anti-chain letter

(HTMLized and lightly edited by Jed, 21 November 1996. Origin unknown; I didn't write it.)

Important note: This anti-chain letter threatens anyone who doesn’t forward it. If that will bother you, you should stop reading now.








































You have been sent a blessing. Those who have followed the instructions on this letter have received good fortune, as you will. The rewards of this letter supercede the promises of all other letters you may have received.

This is the final chain-letter you will ever send. It's instructions are simple, to receive the fortune that has graced those who have received this before you follow these steps.

*The grace that re-creates

1. Make nine unaltered copies of this note, and send each copy to a friend or stranger within nine days of receiving this. This completed, you will have received not only luck and positive karma, but you have been PERMANENTLY released from the obligation to send another chain-letter.

* The snake that eats its own tail.

2. Never heed another chain-letter. By sending this letter you have already incurred the fortune promised by all future letters you will receive.

Ignore or destroy all future chain-letters that you come in contact with. To send another chain-letter is to break the gift giving you by this letter.

If you have already received and sent this letter, and you are receiving it again, destroy this copy.

This letter will circle the globe, freeing its recipients from the need to send future chain-letters, and, its task completed, will eventually destroy itself in the same manner.

Not sending this letter curses you with ill-fortune that is the dark mirror of the good fortune you could have received. To ignore this letter is to receive the bad luck or ill-fortune mentioned in all future chain letters you will receive.

Only those who follow the instructions above will receive the double blessing of luck and freedom from all future chain-letters.

Just as sending it blessed you with the luck of all chain letters, not sending it curses you with the misfortune.. Sending another chain letter after this one brings the same misfortune as well.

This is the world's final chain-letter.