Airport Departures

(written 5/4/99; Webbed 7/99)

It isn’t difficult to say goodbye.

A hug, a kiss, a cheery wave and grin;

and you drive off, and though of course I sigh,

and though I feel your warmth still on my skin,

there’s no deep sadness here. I do not cry,

or even sniffle. I am cheerful still.

Though once again it’s time for me to fly,

I do not miss you yet. I know I will,

but also know I’ll see you by and by.

Though Shakespeare said to part is sorrow sweet,

can this be sorrow if my eyes are dry?

It’s only au revoir, ’til next we meet.

It’s easier than I’d have thought, to part,

Perhaps because you’re with me in my heart.


Written after being dropped off at an airport, and not missing the people who dropped me off as much as I’d expected. …I know that au revoir doesn’t scan if you pronounce it properly (in French), but at least the three-syllable English pronunciation scans.