1.25. A man is lying, dead, face down in the desert
wearing a backpack. (This is different from #1.24, #2.2, and #2.12.)

1.25 answer: He jumped out of an airplane, but his parachute failed to
open. Minor variant wording (from Joe Kincaid): he’s on a mountain trail
instead of in a desert. Minor variant wording (from Mike Reymond): he’s got
a ring in his hand (it came off of the ripcord).

1.25 variant answer: The man was let loose in the desert with a pack
full of poisoned food. He knows it’s poisoned, and doesn’t eat it — he
dies of hunger. (from Mike Neergaard)

1.25a. Silly variant: same problem statement, with the addition that one
of the man’s shoelaces is untied.

1.25a answer: He pulled his shoelace instead of the ripcord.

1.25b. Variant wording: A man with a pack on his back enters a field and
dies. (from David Norman)

1.25b answer: Same as #1.25.

1.25c. Variant wording: A dead man lies in front of the post office;
next to him is a parcel. (CB)

1.25c answer: Same as #1.25. Can a parachute be called a “parcel”?
Perhaps “package” would be better. (It’s “Paket” in the original