1.34. A man ran into a fire, and lived. A man stayed
where there was no fire, and died. (EW original)

1.34 answer: The two men were working in a small room protected by a
carbon dioxide gas fire extinguisher system, when a fire broke out in an
adjoining room. One of the men ran through the fire and escaped with only
minor burns. The other one stayed in the room until the fire extinguishers
kicked in, and died of oxygen starvation. (This originally involved a halon
gas extinguisher, but those don’t work that way; fortunately for our
purposes, Gisle Hannemyr pointed out that CO2 extinguishers do work that
way. Gisle says a CO2 extinguisher on a Norwegian ship a few years ago did
go off accidentally when there was no fire, killing everyone in the engine