1.47. A body is discovered in a park in Chicago in the
middle of summer. It has a fractured skull and many other broken bones, but
the cause of death was hypothermia. (MI, from Hill Street

1.47 answer: A poor peasant from somewhere in Europe wants desperately
to get to the U.S. Not having money for airfare, he stows away in the
landing gear compartment of a jet. He dies of hypothermia in mid-flight,
and falls out when the landing gear compartment opens as the plane makes its
final approach. This apparently happened in real life as well; Mark Brader
provided an AP item from Paris, printed in the Toronto Star on
7/10/93, about just such an occurrence.

1.47a. Variant: A man is lying drowned in a dead forest.

1.47a answer: He’s scuba diving when a firefighting plane lands nearby
and fills its tanks with water, sucking him in with the water. He runs out
of air while the plane is in flight; the plane then dumps its load of water,
with him in it, onto a burning forest. (from Jim Moskowitz)