1.82. A married couple was speeding into town when
their sedan ran out of gas. The man went for help after making sure his
wife closed the windows and locked the doors of the car. Upon his return,
he found his wife dead and a stranger in the car. The windows were still
closed, the doors were still locked, and no damage was done to the car.
(SP, from The Next Book of OMNI Games; earlier from How

1.82 answer: The woman gave birth, and bled to death. Since the father
has never seen the baby before, the kid can technically be called a

1.82a. Two people are dead in a car, which is locked from the inside.
There’s a lot of blood. (“Martin”)

1.82a answer: One of the dead people is a woman; the other is the baby
she’s just given birth to. She died in childbirth.