1.86. A man is found dead in his parked car. Tire
tracks lead up to the car and away. (SD; from How Come?)

1.86 answer: The dead man was the driver in a hit-and-run accident which
paralyzed its victim. The victim did manage to get the license plate number
of the car; now in a wheelchair, he eventually tracked down the driver and
shot and killed him.

1.86a. Variant wording: It is winter in the city, and snow lies
everywhere. Two sets of tire tracks lead into a garage. Only one set
leads out again. A man lies dead inside. (RW)

1.86a answer: Same. (There are variant motives for the killing, but all
involve the dead man being responsible for the wheelchair-bound killer’s
condition. For instance, the dead man could be a surgeon who made a mistake
doing spinal surgery.